The Best Pizza Dough Recipe

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To guarantee perfect the ultimate pizza in the world you must have the following 3 items 

Pizza Flour - The ultimate pizza in the world starts with the best pizza dough flour and the best pizza dough recipe. The best pizza dough flour is 00 or single 0 or bread flour. You must have a flour that has a high protein content. The top three that professional pizza makers use

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2. Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour >> Get it from Amazon!

3. King Arthur organic bread flour >> Get it from Amazon!

These flours used separately or together in various combinations will produce a thin crust crunchy outer layer and chewy inner layer that has a heavenly texture and flavor in your mouth.   

Pizza Sauce – The best pizza sauce includes the tomato base. According to every expert the best tomatoes are grown in Italy in a region call San Marzano. The tomatoes from this region are sweet and meaty. Great texture and cook perfectly in the home oven or commercial oven. If you dare try making your own from home grown tomatoes take it from me a guy with a green thumb and degrees in plant science and agriculture. Drought stress your tomatoes three days before you pick and it will intensify the tomato flavor and sweetness. Here is a link to San Marzano tomatoes and to an assortment of high quality pizza sauces

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Olive oil  - I founded the UC Davis Olive Oil brand in 2004. Since then it has flourished under the direction of Dan Flynn. He runs the UC Davis Olive Center. A study conducted by the Center found much of the European olive oil we buy here in the United States is rancid (source).  To ensure you are truly getting extra virgin olive oil make sure it is certified. I recommend olive oil from California, There are a host of great oils. The California Olive Ranch as well as the UC Davis Olive Oil are guaranteed to be fresh and a trusted source. UC Davis Olive Oil is a bit rare but try this link to guaranteed fresh extra virgin olive oil

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